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5 Signs You’re Meditating All Wrong

Posted on Nov 24, 2017 by in Blog |

5 Signs You’re Meditating All Wrong

Here are the top signs you’re meditating all wrong… Before we begin with any type of meditation, it is important to recognize meditation mistakes. By reading these tips, you can make your whole meditation session a lot easier.

1.You’re trying not to think of anything

Most people say it is better to keep a clear mind when meditating but if you are just a beginner, it’s easier said than done. Instead, allow your thoughts to flow naturally but don’t get carried away with them. For example, you can simply observe your thoughts that pass. If you just try to fight any thoughts that come to you, you’ll just end up becoming frustrated. Most likely, you’ll end your meditation session because of this.


2. You’re always sitting with your legs crossed

When meditation comes to mind, many think that you are suppose to sit cross legged. This is simply not true. Some people are extremely uncomfortable in this position, especially men. It is best to find the most comfortable position for you to sit. Once you’ve done that, you can sit back and relax.  Just think of it this way – the more comfortable you are, the more time you’ll be able to meditate.


3. You only meditate during complete silence

If everyone did this, we probably would only meditate once a week. In reality, we don’t get a lot of quiet time. We are usually out and about. You can easily meditate at the park where kids are laughing and playing. Or you could meditate in the library where noise is there is minimum noise. Another great suggestion is to meditate in a rainforest, with the sound of birds and a waterfall in the background. If you can’t find a rainforest, there are plenty of videos on YouTube with nature sounds.

4. You only meditate for 15 to 30 minutes

Why stick to a certain amount of time? Sometimes you may even feel more refreshed after a 5 minute meditation session. If you are angry or emotionally disturbed, why not take a few minutes to meditate? There are also people who like to meditate for a longer amount of time. One hour is recommended for those who have trouble sleeping before bed.


5. You’re expecting a miracle or breakthrough 

Many people expect to go into a deep meditation and suddenly feel enlightened. The truth is, you will need a lot of time before you experience a breakthrough. Meditating will make your problems go away but for only a certain amount of time.