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Best Yoga Pants For Women

Posted on Dec 24, 2017 by in Blog |

Best Yoga Pants For Women

So, what are the best yoga pants for women? With literally thousands of yoga pants online, it may seem difficult to find something for you. Or maybe you are buying them for your girlfriend. Here is a guide to yoga pants:

Types of Yoga Pants


Prefer to show a little leg? The crop usually goes past your knees and leaves a little breathing room for the lower feet/ankle area. This style is recommended for the summer to stay cooler.

Best Yoga Pants



After this are the actual leggings. These are the most popular among women. If you want a tight fit without tripping over the bottom of your feet, these would be the best yoga pants for women.

Crop yoga pants style

(Pictured above are the crop yoga pants style)


The standard fit is just like the leggings, except the bottom part is slightly open. This is great for those of you who don’t like the feeling of something hugging your lower feet area. Often times, the seam is so tight that it feels like it’s cutting off your circulation. Not with these pants though.

Standard Yoga pants

(Above are the standard yoga pants)

Fit and Flare

These type of yoga pants almost reminds me of bell bottoms. The reason why is because they flare outwards toward the bottom. This is much like yoga pants from the 80’s era.

Flare yoga pants


The relaxed yoga pants are incredibly great for those who don’t like yoga pants that are skin tight. Many pregnant women prefer using the relaxed fit. In the maternity sizes, they almost always have the relaxed types as these are the most popular.

A New Style – Ballet Yoga Pants

When I was skimming online for yoga pants, I came across a new type of yoga pants I have never seen before. Ballet yoga pants! They never had this fifteen years ago… Actually, I was pretty surprised to see these pants. Plenty of women wear them, especially Ballerinas. These are the perfect pants if you are practicing for Ballet. Most of the Ballet yoga pants aren’t considered real Ballet pants though. So, you shouldn’t wear them during a performance. Otherwise, we thought it was a great idea to wear them in public. Sure, you will get a lot of weird looks but that’s okay.

Ballet yoga pants

Choosing the Best Yoga Pants for Women

The prices of yoga pants can greatly vary. For example, you can go to Walmart and pick up a pair for only $7. They might split down the middle in a few months just because the quality is so bad.

Another option would be to buy yoga pants from Macy’s. The thing with Macy’s is you really can’t go wrong here, especially for only $30. They also have more choices when it comes to see through yoga pants.

Last but not least is online shopping. There are some sites that specialize in yoga pants. These sites have luxury yoga pants which are extremely soft and will last many years. Sure, it might cost you double then what you would spend at Macy’s but that’s perfectly okay since you are getting your money’s worth.

There is one particular store that specializes in yoga pants. It is called Yoga Outlet. If you are looking for a particular pair of yoga pants, this is the best store to try because they have literally hundreds to choose from.