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Women in See Through Yoga Pants

Posted on Dec 21, 2017 by in Sexy |

See through yoga Pants is without a doubt the best kind, especially for men. Ladies, we don’t recommend bending over in these pants because we’ll be on you faster than a tiger. Haha, just kidding. We aren’t animals. Anyways, for those of you who have had the honor of seeing a girl in these yoga pants, you are very lucky. Here is our list below:

Women in See Through Yoga Pants

See Through Yoga Pants

Got to love these pants on her, especially with the heels. It looks like she is not really going to the gym since she decided to pair these pants with her heels. Besides… who in the world goes to the gym wearing heels?


Blonde wearing tight pants

Okay, so these are semi- see through pants. This leaves a little more to the imagination which I like. Great job miss!

Sexy long hair lady in black pants

This lovely dame with long hair definitely has something to show from the back. Just don’t go in the sunlight and it won’t be too obvious you are wearing see through pants.


Going to yoga classes

I hope she noticed her pants were see through before going to yoga classes. Let’s just hope her instructor isn’t a guy. Otherwise he is probably oogling the hell out of her…


Skinny chic in black tigh tpants

This skinny chic wearing black tight pants is just dying for attention. She even stops to point at her behind.

Yoga pants tag sticking out

I don’t know about her but I always cut my tags to prevent this from happening. I am betting that she realized the tag was there. What she didn’t know is that the yoga pants were see through.


This picture is straight from eBay. It seems like a sleezy promotion for yoga pants. I am not sure who the seller is, but this to me is a bit tacky.

Trying to get your girlfriend to wear see through yoga pants?

A lot of guys struggle with this because many women don’t like wearing yoga pants. They will always say it’s uncomfortable for them. You could try to entice your girlfriend to wear them. Tell her you’ll get her that diamond bracelet she always wanted. The deal is that she has to wear yoga pants for 3 days out of the week. This will train her to be comfortable in them. You see, it’s just like training a dog…. Just kidding!

I did this and was able to get my girlfriend to start wearing yoga pants regularly. Actually, she loved her see through yoga pants but would never venture out of the house with them. I admit that if she did, I would have been a little more turned on. I guess some girls tend to shy away that.

My girlfriend caught me looking at girls in yoga pants

She recently caught me staring at a girl wearing yoga pants and had asked about it when we arrived home. I just replied that the girl I was looking at reminded me of my teacher. I think my GF is catching on… because normally I don’t look at women. The only time a woman can get my attention is when they are wearing see through yoga pants.

Buying See through yoga pants online

Okay, so if you want to pick up your lover a surprise – why not get her translucent yoga pants? This way she can look stunning for you on your anniversary night. Wrap them up in a gift box with a little bow. She will love it and want to surprise you. Here are a few places you can go to purchase these yoga pants.


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