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Yoga Pants Prank – The Best Pranks on Youtube

Posted on Dec 23, 2017 by in Sexy |

One of my favorite pranks on YouTube is the Yoga Pants Prank by fouseyTube. Basically him and this other girl go around the neighborhood wearing tight yoga pants. He wears a pink sweater with a hood to disguise that he’s really a man. They are seen leaning against the wall, doing some butt stretches.

Yoga Pants Prank

(The clip photo from the video above is an entirely different prank although the same method was used to trick men who were walking by)

Yoga Pants Prank Summary

The first time I saw this video, I assumed fousey was gay but that wasn’t the case. All because a man wears a pink shirt doesn’t mean he’s gay or bisexual. It just means he has confidence wearing anything and that’s a good thing. Now, if he matched a purse with his pink shirt then I would start to wonder…

Anyways, got a little off topic there. Let’s go back to the prank. I will summarize it below:

An unsuspecting guy walks by and is impressed at the two “women” displaying their behinds to him. So “fousey” turns around and the guy backs away very quickly, seemingly surprised. The funniest part is when “fousey” starts chasing him and asking if he wants a piece of this. While all this is going on, you can hear him laughing hysterically and I think that makes it even more funny.

Sexy girl with Fousey in prank

(The guy we call Fousey is the one bending over in the pink sweater. Strangely enough, guys prefer his butt more than the girls. This is what makes it so funny)

You can see some of the guys take off running in the street. If I was a guy in this situation, I would do the same thing!

There was another yoga pants prank video that I saw. I will post it here for you. In this one, it’s just the guy who is bending over to find something in his car. The funniest scene is when a black dude walks by and comments on his rump. So, the yoga pants guy turns around and asks him if he likes it. He’s like “Naw man, I can’t do nuthin with that” as he is backing away from him.

Guy checking out girls doing yoga

(Here you will see a young white male looking at both of the “females” behind over to do their yoga stretches. The guy looks a little scared once he finds out Fousey is a man)

I won’t go into detail with this because you have to see the video for yourself. In one of the clips, the yoga pants dude almost gets into a fight with two guys. I guess he ticked them off so much that they tried to go after him. Luckily he ran off laughing as usual.

Go ahead and forward this video to family and friends. I assure you that they’ll get a kick out of it. The first time I saw it, I was practically rolling on the floor laughing. Or shall I say “ROFLing”…

Black guy looking at a girls butt

(In the last clip here is Fousey behind over in a different video. This time he is by himself when a black guy walks by. You want to take a bite out of this bro?) LOL


Huffington Post recently ran an article about the guy in yoga pants. Read about it by clicking the link.